For students studying Japanese as a foreign language

We invite you to participate in the following programs to maximize your learning and develop your Japanese language proficiency and accuracy.

※There are some changes in our program in Spring semester 2021 due to the Novel Coronavirus situation as below:
-Japanese Language Learning Support Sessions and Writing Tutorials will be conducted online.
-Language Exchange and Kanji Marathon will be cancelled.

Japanese Language Learning Support Sessions


Our experienced Language Learning Supporters will help you with your Japanese language learning based on your needs and goals.

Lessons are in small groups focused on conversations, once (90 minutes) a week, 10 lessons in one semester. The same schedule (Day and Time) every week.

The teachers are called “supporters” and they are Sophia students who have basic knowledge of Japanese language pedagogy.

Application guidelines will be available on Loyola bulletin board "Center for Language Education and Research" in early April/October.

Writing Tutorials(for English and Japanese academic writing)

Our experienced writing tutors will help you improve your writing skills. Please note, however, that we do NOT check and correct your thesis, but will give guidance on writing accuracy and vocabulary usage.

The service is available for Non-Native writers and the sessions are 60 minutes. Sophia University undergraduate and graduate students may apply. It does not matter what stage of composition you are at in your essay or report. We provide counseling even to those who have not yet begun their papers.

Application guidelines will be available on Loyola bulletin board "Center for Language Education and Research".

Kanji Marathon(Basic Level)

“Kanji Marathon” is a supplementary kanji tutorial class specifically designed for students who wish to review, learn and improve their Kanji. The goal is to be able to read and write 500 BASIC kanji. Using "Basic Kanji Book Vol.1 & Vol.2 (Bonjinsha, 2015), you will work individually, from lesson 1 to 45. You will take quizzes on each lesson, and may try some practice works, at your own pace.

The tutorial is 90 minutes session per week, 10 sessions in a semester. 30 students (max.) will run together. It is conducted independently from the regular academic courses at Sophia University. Therefore, you will NOT be given credit.

Service is free, available for Degree/Exchange/Non-degree students who are enrolled in Sophia. You can apply from Loyola Questionnaire / Application page.

References and DVDs

Books related to Japanese language learning are available at LLC. You can borrow the books with your students ID card for two weeks.

DVDs are available for language studying purposes. You may watch DVDs anytime in the private lesson rooms during LLC open hours. Please present your student ID card and receive a portable DVD player and headsets at the reception.

Language Exchange

Center for Language Education and Research (CLER) will be holding lunch time event where students can enjoy having a conversation in Japanese and languages listed below. We believe that this will be a perfect opportunity for students to become acquainted with students with different backgrounds!

Schedule for 2019 Spring semester
Day Language May June July
Monday Spanish 20(Mon) 10(Mon) 8(Mon)
Tuesday German 21(Tue) 11(Tue) 9(Tue)
Wednesday Chinese (May / June) 22(Wed) 12(Wed)  
Italian (July)     10(Wed)
Thursday French 23(Thu) 13(Thu) 11(Thu)
Friday Korean 24(Fri) 14(Fri) 12(Fri)
Language Learning Commons(LLC)Building 6, 1st Floor
How to join:
You can just walk-in (first-come first-served basis). This event is for Degree/Exchange/Non-degree students
As a rule, English must not be used. You can have a good conversation in Japanese or in one of the foreign languages shown as above. Do not forget to bring your own lunch.